It was evident that she had been lost to the world for a while now- eyes glazed over and unseeing, feet tapping without a rhythm, an open textbook fluttering in the breeze. Which realm could she be stuck in? Oh, the possibilities.
"Charge!" she yelled, urging her horse to go faster as she led her soldiers into battle. The harsh wind whipped her hair back, revealing the face of a fierce warrior, jaw clenched and eyes flashing. With a shiink she unsheathed her sword, ploughing through the enemies and leaving a trail of destruction in her wake. Mercy was not an option, she had drilled into the minds of her soldiers. They swung, struck, stabbed, and decapitated. Mercy did not bear fruit, she had said. They remorselessly slaughtered their opponents, one by one, until there were none left. Mercy, she had said, was weak. And they were strong. Ruthless. Powerful. But as she stood in the middle of the bloodied battlefield, looking at a severed arm, she couldn't make sense of the sw…
You should have been expecting a post from me around now, because my exams are over and I have two months of vacation ahead of me.
Yes, I've officially completed the tenth grade! *cue applause* And, I'm sixteen! *more applause*
It seems just like yesterday I created this blog and look how far we've come! Kidding, 12 blog posts isn't much to even talk about. You have probably realised that I lead a decidedly normal, boring life. But, BUT, sometimes quirky things happen to me.

*Rotate the Time Turner six times, back to 2009*

It was a warm summer day. I had just come back from school, a happy fourth grader. Going through the routine, I ate snacks, finished homework and headed out to play with my neighbours, two girls who were of the same age as me. At that time, cycling races were popular in the neighbourhood and we had brought our cycles out. But as luck would have it, one of our cycles were punctured and we couldn't race together.

   But we always have a solution. So our …

Hello! This is not my ghost speaking. Yes, I'm alive.

The first term of tenth grade is successfully over! A whirlwind of a term, you could say. Work, work and more work, tension, strained nerves everywhere, studying around 25 pages a night and not remembering a word the next day... A pretty package, don't you think?
But not to forget one factor that outweighs the rest of the negative factors - Fun. Despite having a lot to do, tenth grade is fun. Acting out plays, playing games with half the class during free periods, improvised Minute to Win It competitions conducted by a few of us in English class among others... Yeah, fun. I think my class has bonded more this year, even though we've been in the same class since 6th grade. 
But enough of that.

You remember me mentioning practicing for my Arangetram in earlier posts? It finally happened on the 12th of July! An event to be marked forever on my list of achievements. When it was over, I was partly relieved and partly sad. Relieved- well, I worked a lot toward this, and my teacher espe…

The Leibster Blog Award

Nivedha, who owns a blog called Infrared Pedestrian nominated me for the Leibster Blog Award. Thank you so much, I'm honoured! I know it's been a month since she told me about it, but you know, I don't blog much.

The rules:
Each nominee must link back to the person that nominated them!Answer the ten questions given to you by the nominator!Nominate 10 other bloggers who have less than 200 followers!Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer!Let the nominees know you have nominated them by going to their website and notifying them.
1. What are your three favorite bands/musicians? A: Haha, tough question. I LOVE music, but I don't prefer only a certain kind of music. I guess I'd say A.R.Rahman, One Republic, and Shreya Ghoshal.
2. What’s a pet peeve of yours? A: Perhaps... that even though people have rights to what books they like, I hate it when they don't like books I adore, like Harry Potter. Especially when they insult it. 
3. If there was one instrument you’d …
Yesterday morning I was going through the daily news when I saw this advertisement for the new S5-what is it with Samsung? Every other day a new phone with hardly noticeable changes comes out, SO irritating-and I was discussing it with my dad. Then he randomly says, "Keerthana, when you're older, you should do well in college, get a good job, earn a lot of money. Then you have to buy me all cool big gifts like this phone, every day, or week at least." I give him a look, and his reply to that is, "It's a good thing to do! You'll feel that warm glow of self satisfaction in buying your dad such amazing, thoughtful gifts. And don't you want your dad to be one of those cool guys with all the new gadgets?"  "You're cool enough, appa. All my friends think so too. That's enough, no? But if you DO want a new gift everyday, I'll be more than happy to get you useful stuff- eraser, water bottle..?"  And then we both start laughing, because w…
THE most incredible thing happened to me today.

By the way, if you'd like to know how, it was in my dreams. But that moment seems pretty real, I'll keep it that way. 
Aaaand hello, once again! *waves at screen*  It's looks like my blog died, and frankly, I haven't really attempted writing for quite some time-maybe twice, or thrice- but ninth grade was a busy year, okay. All my free time is spent on

FacebookMessagingWatching TV serials- NO, not Hindi or Tamil, worthwhile shows like CastleReading booksListening to music.SleepingAnd a lot more, obviously.
So you see, I am, in fact, a very busy person who also learns Bharatnatyam, and is going to have her arangetram done in July. BE PROUD, people! (Although I do have to practice and go to class everyday...) 
Anyway, I thought that I'd better chuck my blog if I don't enter SOME new post. So here I am. I promise you, (it's not an Unbreakable Vow, keep in mind) I will write something here every…

The sea

The sea is something incredible. It's a MASSIVE body of water. It's teeming with wildlife. You can find animals ranging from the minute clown fish (think Nemo) to the humongous blue whale, which weighs 170 tonnes or more! You understand what I mean by humongous? And then there are those fascinating 'coral reefs'. Let's not go into the biological facts. My only statement is that they are fascinating.
The sea itself is something beautiful. What I personally find amazing is its ever-changing colors. If you've ever seen the Sun setting over the sea, you know what the true meaning of beauty is. The varying colors of yellow, orange, and red reflected on the water, spread out from a point on the horizon, fading away as it comes closer to the shore... Staying on in the beach after watching the Sun set, you can see that the sea has changed its color. It has turned into a deep blue, the color of the night sky. Almost black. The sea has a deadly calm about it. The only fact…